JPS special issue on institutional credibility published

The latest issue of the Journal of Peasant Studies (SSCI/IF 4.311) features a special collection of papers structured around a novel theory of property rights based on endogeneity and the Credibility Thesis. In contrast to neo-institutional and neo-classical thought, the theory might perhaps better account for the paradox between insecure property rights coupled to growth and development; or vice versa, the equally vexing paradox between between formal institutions and market failure.

Please click for the introduction: An endogenous theory of property rights: opening the black box of institutions.

The following select papers are available to download for free:

Native title and customary rights are frequently delegitimized in the face of large-scale development projects. Elaborate and complex social and environmental impact assessments are often used to avoid this, yet, to no avail. This paper proposes a new way of looking at the problem, through a “conditional trinity” and the FAT Framework. Read more in: A conditional trinity as ‘no-go’ against non-credible development? Resettlement, customary rights and Malaysia’s Kelau Dam.
Download for free at http://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/ErnypmcH3aj5HadyD8hS/full

In the attempt to combat natural resource degradation, governments and restoration practitioners often stress the importance of indigenous knowledge and local participation. But how can that be effectively organized? An endogenous perspective might offer a fresh look at the issue. Read more: Local perceptions of grassland degradation in China: a socio-anthropological reading of endogenous knowledge and institutional credibility.
Download for free at http://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/YtAmK4NRsBvmgj3uFgTQ/full

Why do institutional interventions and new policies of development so often lead to social conflict, increased marginalization and the establishment of symbolic “empty institutions”? Read more: Empty institutions, non-credibility and pastoralism: China’s grazing ban, mining and ethnicity.
Download for free at http://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/7vEHIXevUm2cyK9bCtdj/full

For those who encounter difficulties in downloading the papers, please contact icardc.secretariat@gmail.com.