You can become a member of the ICARDC Network by mailing your address, position and institutional affiliation to the ICARDC secretariat (see contact). If possible, please also provide a list of three key publications. Your address and key publications will be included in the ICARDC address list, which is distributed to members once a year. As a member, will also be automatically updated with the latest news on ICARDC activities and events.

If you have news that you would like to distribute to other ICARDC members, you can mail to the secretariat, and your message will be forwarded. ICARDC has a large membership base covering a wide range of countries in Europe, the Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Americas.

You are welcome to contact us at icardc.secretariat@gmail.com.

[:zh]您可以发送邮件到 icardc.secretariat@gmail.com成为我们的网络成员,这样您的名字将出现在我们的邮件联系名单中。在成为会议成员后,我们会将ICARDC的最新新闻、活动以及会议(两年一次)信息自动发送到您的邮箱。

如果您有相关信息希望与其他ICARDC成员分享,您同样可以将该信息发送至 icardc.secretariat@gmail.com,我们会帮助您将信息转发给其他成员。