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The ICARDC Network is a co-operative framework of research institutes specialising in rural and agricultural studies on China, consisting of (in alphabetical order):

ICARDC is not intended to merge the respective institutes but to step up the momentum and interaction that has been growing between them and to provide a framework within which enlarged co-operation can take place. ICARDC has a Steering Committee with one representative from each of the partner institutions listed above. The Steering Committee is responsible for the logistical support, outreach and organisation of the bi-annual conference. The ICARDC conference is hosted on a rotational basis by the various members of the Steering Committee. The members of the Steering Committee are in office for two consecutive terms of 4 years. The possibility for the selection and election of new SC members are announced at the ICARDC conferences. The SC members are responsible for the hosting of one ICARDC conference at least for one time while they are in office. In addition, they assist the current conference organizer with the logistics of the conference, finding a suitable avenue for the publication of the conference proceedings, and the promotion of the conference.

The current members of the Steering Committee are (alphabetically):

The ICARDC Steering Committee is supported by a Secretary General (Prof. Heng Zhao, CAAS), who oversees the ICARDC Secretariat. This office helps to coordinate ICARDC activities, promote ICARDC in the broadest sense of the word, and provides overall support to the Steering Committee.




ICARDC秘书处职能旨在于集中处理并协调ICARDC的相关活动;促进会议在更广泛层面和范围内发挥影响;总体上支持会议筹备委员会。 [:]