The ICARDC Network was established in 1989 and since then has organized many well-visited international conferences in and outside of China. ICARDC has led to numerous publications on the multi-faceted aspects of China’s agricultural and rural development. ICARDC currently has close to 400 members, and also hosts a mailing list with news about events, publications, vacancies, and projects. ICARDC was formerly known as ECARDC or the European Conference on Agriculture and Rural Development in China. At the 12th bi-annual conference in Tianjin, its name was changed to ICARDC (International Conference on Agriculture and Rural Development in China) to reflect the growing international importance of Chinese agriculture and rural development.

[:zh]中国农业与农村发展国际网络 ICARDC 成立于1989年,并多次成功在中国国内和国外举办大型国际会议。 ICARDC也产出多份反映中国农业和农村发展各方面的学术著作。ICARDC的邮件推送名单现有超过400名注册会员。前身为中国农业与农村发展欧洲网络ECARDC. 为了反映不断增强的中国农业与农村发展国际重要性,在天津的第十二次会议中更名为 ICARDC。