[:en]Previous activities[:zh]之前的活动[:]

[:en]The first ECARDC meeting was held at Aarhus University, Denmark in 1989. Since then conferences have been organised in Leiden (twice), Giessen, Manchester, Paris, London, Yiwu (China) and Leeds. The conferences have resulted in edited volumes of selected papers that were well-received in scholarly circles, such as:

  • Peter Ho, Jacob Eyferth, and Eduard B. Vermeer (eds.) Rural Development in Transitional China: The New Agriculture, (London: Frank Cass Publications, 2003) also published as a special issue of The Journal of Peasant Studies;
  • Louis Augustin-Jean and Björn Alpermann (eds) The Political Economy of Agro-Food Markets in China (Palgrave Macmillan,2013)
  • Flemming Christiansen and Junzuo Zhang (ed.) Village Inc.: Chinese Rural Society in the 1990s, (London, Curzon Press, 1998)
  • Eduard B. Vermeer (ed.) From Peasant to Entrepeneur: Growth and Change in Rural China, (Wageningen, Pudoc, 1992);
  • Jørgen Delman, Clemens S. Østergaard and Flemming Christiansen (eds.) Remaking Peasant China: Problems of Rural Development and Institutions at the Start of the 1990s, (Aarhus: Aarhus University Press, 1990).

Other publications of ECARDC can be downloaded from http://hup.sub.uni-hamburg.de/giga/jcca/issue/view/17.[:zh]中国农业与农村发展欧洲网络最初由奥尔胡斯大学的Jørgen Delman、Clemens Ostergaard 以及Flemming Christiansen 发起创立。第一届中国农业与农村发展欧洲会议于1989年在丹麦的奥尔胡斯召开。自此之后,初始几次的会议地点分别在莱顿(两次)、吉森、曼彻斯特和巴黎。会议共形成了五部论文合集,均具有高水平的学术价值并受到学界的好评:

  • Peter Ho、Jacob Eyferth、Eduard B. Vermeer(编辑): 《中国变迁过程中的农村发展:新的农业》,伦敦弗兰克卡斯出版社(Frank Cass Publications)2003年出版。该书同时以特刊的形式发表于《农民研究期刊》(The Journal of Peasant Studies)。
  • Louis Augustin-Jean , Björn Alpermann(编辑):《中国农产品市场的政治经济学》,2013年由Palgrave Macmillan出版。
  • Flemming Christiansen、Junzuo Zhang (编辑): 《内在的村庄:90年代的中国农村社会》,伦敦Curzon出版社1998年出版。
  • Eduard B. Vermeer(编辑): 《从农民到企业家:乡土中国的增长于变化》,瓦格宁根出版社1992年出版。
  • Jørgen Delman、Clemens S. Østergaard 、Flemming Christiansen (编辑): 《对中国农业的重新理解:有关90年代初农业发展与制度的相关问题》,奥尔胡斯大学出版社1990年出版。