[:en]Welcome to the ICARDC Network[:zh]ICARDC欢迎[:]

[:en]The ICARDC Network (International Conference on Agriculture and Rural Development in China, formerly known as ECARDC ) is an academic network that provides an international forum to meet, discuss and share information and experiences about China’s rural development among scholars, development agencies, international donors, and professionals in development aid.[:zh]中国农业与农村发展国际网络 ICARDC (前身为中国农业与农村发展欧洲网络ECARDC). ICARDC作为一个学术共同体,为来自全世界的从事中国农村与农业研究的研究学者、发展机构、国际援助机构提供一个交流、沟通、信息共享的平台。


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